A few days have gone by since we welcomed 2022, yet we hope for a fresh start in our careers and lives. Same with us here in the Insulation Machine Store. We hope for a great year ahead, not just for the thermal insulation industry but also for all the business sectors, to gain enough momentum to kick-start our businesses’ success this year.

Last year was a challenging year for every business sector, and the home insulation industry is not an exception. But, thankfully, we sailed over and beyond the sea of challenges in 2021 brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we welcome this new year full of optimism and hope, we will look back at best-in-class insulation machines, whether blowing equipment or insulation vacuums, featured here in the Insulation Machine Store blog.

Without further ado, here are the finest insulation machines we put in the spotlight last year.


Cool Machines CM 700

Due to its favorable qualities such as ultra-portability, excellent versatility and affordability, Cool Machines CM 700 is a top choice among everyday users, professionals-in-training, startups and professional contractors in the industry. In fact, it is Cool Machines’ most economical insulation machine!

Besides being initially built for the weekend warriors, CM 700 can still deliver a powerful and efficient performance.

Learn more about Cool Machines CM 700 here.


Cool Machines MOAV

Cool Machines MOAV (Mother Of All Vacuums) 37 HP is the best choice for insulation removal solutions in today’s market. It has cutting-edge design features with the highest-rated, heavy-duty, and wet and dry gas vacuum. Aside from that, it also emits less noise than fan-based vacuums with fewer maintenance requirements.

To learn more about this, read our blog here.


Intec Cyclone

Although Intec Cyclone is smaller than other machines and has compact design features, professional contractors and operators still see it as reliable and durable insulation equipment.

In addition, it has a dynamic performance that allows you to install R-19 cellulose for approximately 45 minutes and an hour for R-19 fiberglass insulation material in a thousand square foot attic.

On top of that, it is also Intec’s most affordable insulation equipment with excellent reliability and versatility.

Interested to know more about this insulation machine? Read our blog here.


Intec Fiber Force Insulation Blowing Machine

Intec 50004 00 Fiber Force is a trustworthy and reliable machine that is perfect for just about any user due to its excellent usability and affordability. It composes two lightweight polyethylene-constructed components with built-in handles and wheels for easy transport and quick machine setup.

What’s more, it can also install R-19 cellulose and fiberglass insulation materials in just an hour in a 1500 square foot attic, which is equivalent to 42 bags of insulation material for every hour or 1050 pounds per hour.

To learn more about this insulation equipment, visit this link.


Cool Machines CM450014-10HP Insulation Machine

Known as “The Big Dog,” CM450014-10HP is Cool Machines’ most excellent insulation equipment, representing its high-performing machines. Its capability and dependability make it a superior machine that effortlessly outperforms its competitions.

By the same token, it also has a compact, strategic and straightforward design feature with dependable high-speed production.

Ultimately, Cool Machines CM450014-10HP Insulation Blowing Machine is engineered to meet complex and demanding project requirements with ease and comfort.

Learn more about this robust and rugged insulation machine here.


Intec 50013-00 Wireless Fiber Force

Lauded for its affordability, portability and second-to-none performance, Intec 50013-0 Wireless Fiber Force is one of the outstanding insulation machines in the market.

This powerful insulation machine has a powerful agitator system for uninterrupted conditioning of insulation materials, as well as a removable hopper with a hinged tray for fast and easy machine setup and transport.

All in all, with its compact, innovative and ingenious design, Intec 50013-00 Wireless FiberForce with Tall Hopper is one of the best choices not just for startups but also for professional contractors and operators.

Learn more about Intec Wireless Fiber Force here.


Meyer 550 Insulation Blowing Machine

The Meyer 550 insulation blowing machine, known for its unparalleled performance, is one of the best in today’s market. Besides having a heavy-duty agitator, it also showcases a superior double-clutch design that offers exceptional machine dependability and flexibility.

On top of that, it can also handle any insulation material for increased productivity and project efficiency.

All things considered, Meyer 550 is one of the high-caliber insulation machines in today’s market powered by gas.

Read more about this here.


Accu1 9800 Insulation Machine

Accu1 9800 insulation machine is equipped with Accu1’s state-of-the-art technology purposefully created to provide innovative thermal home insulation solutions. In addition to that, it also has a heavy-duty steel gauge auger that can cut through any insulation materials for optimal material conditioning.

Consequently, Accu1 9800’s superior power and performance and cutting-edge design features make it one of Accu1’s finest insulation machines.

To learn more about it, read our blog here.


Intec 7400 Vortec Cannon

One of the highly-valued insulation vacuums in the market, Intec 7400 is a powerful and reliable vacuum perfect for your insulation work.

Pairing Vanguard V-Twin electric start engine and VORTEC vacSHIELD, Intec’s state-of-the-art technology further improves its power, resulting in excellent stability and increased production rates.

Strategically designed to meet project objectives from the simplest to the most complex ones, Intec 7400 is here to help you with your thermal home insulation needs.

Interested to learn more about the Intec 74000? Read our blog here.


Cool Machines CM 300

Cool Machines CM 300 is an exceptional machine that is very sought-after by professional contractors and operators in the industry.

Equipped with Vac-Pack Technology, CM 300 operates completely with electricity. Other than that, it can also incorporate different insulation equipment.

Nevertheless, one thing remains true about the CM 300: it is the industry’s first smallest and most economical insulation wall spray system.

To learn more about Cool Machines CM 300, read our blog here.


Cool Machines CM 3500XL

With its overall unparalleled performance, outstanding production rate and strategic product design, Cool Machines CM 3500XL is lauded as one of the most reputable insulation machines.

It is also rigged up with dual hopper metering technology, enabling it to apply all fibers simultaneously with unequaled high speed.

What’s even remarkable is its brilliant and elaborate machine design with overside drive components. On top of that, it requires lesser maintenance requirements.

Learn more about Cool Machines CM 3500XL here.


Cool Machines CM 2400

Known as one of the aces in home insulation, Cool Machines CM 2400 is equipped with a high-speed turbo shredder that can max out insulation materials up to 3600 lbs. per hour.

With its high production and incomparable performance, it surprisingly requires less maintenance and is reasonably priced.

But what exactly are the reasons why you should buy Cool Machines CM 2400? Find out here.


Cool Machines CoolVac 37

One of the best-selling insulation vacuums in the market, the Cool Machines CoolVac 37 is proven to be trustworthy and efficient.

It prides itself on its superior performance, enabling you to minimize your on-site project working hours.

Moreover, it also emits much lesser noise than other vacuums, allowing you to effectively remove insulation materials from your attic, walls, floors and ceilings without disturbing your neighbors.

To learn more about this insulation vacuum, visit this link.


Best insulation machines in the market

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