Proper and effective home insulation is necessary for a comfortable living experience. However, to achieve it, one must carefully choose what insulation machine they will use for thermal insulation installation projects.

Aside from power and performance, affordability and portability are key factors customers and professional contractors consider before making a purchase. Brand name is also a crucial aspect they look into. As a matter of fact, it’s been a common practice that some of them compare and contrast their brand experience to decide which brands to trust and what machines to buy.

Trusted by many, Intec is one brand that has established a solid connection to its patrons due to its innovative and cutting-edge insulation machines.

Among its fleet is the Intec 50004 00 Fiber Force, a machine that is perfect for just about any user. But why do they find this particular machine trustworthy and reliable? Why is it a must-own particularly for startups? Find out below.


Ultimate portability

Intec 50004 00 Fiber Force Attic Insulation Blowing Machine comprises two lightweight polyethylene-constructed pieces with built-in handles and wheels specifically designed for easy machine transport and efficient machine setup. In addition, its removable hopper has a hinged shelf, making for a simple, smooth and straightforward insulation materials loading, all while minimizing aisle and transportation space requirements.


High production rates with less required maintenance

Intec 50004 00 Fiber Force is engineered for high production rates to install insulation materials seamlessly and effectively to your attics, walls, floors and ceilings. On top of that, with its detachable design features, this machine also requires less machine maintenance. Simply put, they made it this way so you can not only save time, but also money.

With its power and performance, Intec 50004 00 Fiber Force can install R-19 cellulose or fiberglass in just an hour in a 1500 square foot attic. It can also max out 42 bags of insulation material per hour or 1050 pounds per hour.


Excellent Usability

Unlike other machines being sold today, Intec 50004 00 Fiber Force Attic Insulation Blowing Machine is really known for its usability. It has a wireless remote attached to the hose, and this allows for operation from the attic without the need for the user to take the cord with him. The quality of user’s experience is really important for Intec and if there’s a machine that really demonstrates that, it’s the 50004 00 Fiber Force.



Intec 50004 00 Fiber Force is a budget-friendly insulation machine. It is perfect for startup businesses and contractors. Still given its cost, one can still rely on the Fiber Force to do the job as well as the more expensive models. In fact, professional contractors may still choose to purchase this as it can be as efficient and reliable as any other Intec machine in the market.


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