Intec 50004 00 Fiber Force Attic Insulation Blowing Machine


Intec 50004 00 Fiber Force Attic Insulation Blowing Machine

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Intec 50004 00 Fiber Force Attic Insulation Blowing Machine

The Intec Fiber Force has a lightweight, 2 piece design with built in wheels & handles for easy transport and usability.

The innovative removable hopper features a hinged shelf which simplifies product loading, minimizes aisle obstruction and transportation space requirements. With numerous handles on the base & 10 inch wheels provide easy mobility. Additionally, the wireless remote attached to the hose permits operation remotely from any attic without the need to carry a cord.

High Production Rate

  • 42 bags / hour cellulose – 1050 pounds / hour (477 kilograms / hour)
  • 13 bags / hour fiberglass – 400 pounds / hour (182 kilograms / hour)
  • 1 hour installation of R-19 fiberglass or
    cellulose for a 1500 sq. ft. attic is possible because of the high production rate


  • 2 – 50 ft. x 2.5 inch blowing hose
  • 2 – Female quick connect hose adapters
  • Male quick connect hose adapter
  • 3 – stainless steel
    2.5 inch hose clamps
  • Hose / remote holder
  • 50 ft. Power cord
The Intec Fiber Force Insulation Blowing Machine Features An Innovative 2 Piece Design

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Weight 222 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 30 × 49 in



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