Thermal insulation removal is as necessary as the installation of insulation materials. Whether you bought a property with old insulation and needed to be replaced immediately or want to have new thermal insulation because you plan to sell your house, a rugged and robust insulation vacuum is required.

However, the performance and power of the machine are not the only qualities we are looking for in an insulation vacuum. We also look for profitability to make sure we make the most of our money.

Choosing a brand is also one of the most daunting tasks in purchasing an insulation machine. Everyone looks for a name with integrity and is trusted by millions of home insulation professionals for years. When we talk about these qualities, one brand immediately tops the list: no less than Cool Machines.

Cool Machines prides itself on its state-of-the-art, innovative, cutting-edge insulation machines that have long reinvented the insulation industry. They are simply the gold standard.

One of its best-selling and most sought-after machines is the Cool Machines MOAV (Mother Of All Vacuums) 37 HP. So what exactly makes this a premium machine, and why is it the best choice for insulation removal solutions? Keep reading to find out the answers.


Efficient and powerful insulation vacuum

With Cool Machine MOAV’s large 37 HP Briggs and Stratton (Vanguard) engine, there are no questions about its powerful performance. It has a very sizable positive displacement vacuum that guarantees efficiency and power. Its power is equivalent to five (take note, 5) 23 HP impeller vacuums to match its performance. How fantastic, right?

Additionally, with the MOAV, insulation material removal is also more effective than ever before. With this, you can cut down the usual several days project into a day or two or even hours. You can always and surely beat the deadline with the Cool Machines MOAV!


Cutting edge design features

Designed to perform better than other insulation vacuums in the market, Cool Machines MOAV has the highest-rated, heavy-duty, and wet and dry gas vacuum with cutting-edge design features. In addition, it is designed strategically for easy on-the-job-site setup and machine transportation safety.

How easy can you set up the Cool Machines MOAV? It’s as easy as 123! Just pull the hose, connect, fire up the engine and you’re all set for insulation removal.


Low maintenance

With its large size, one can imply that Cool Machines MOAV has a laborious maintenance routine. However, Cool Machines strategically designed MOAV to have lesser maintenance to cut down time spent on a maintenance routine.

Cool Machines MOAV 37 HP has no high-speed impeller. As a result, there will be less time to spend on maintenance repair due to damaged or worn impellers and chambers.

What’s more, you also don’t have to worry about overheating concerns because the engine cooling air and muffler exhaust are plumbed outside the trailer.


MOAV emits less noise than fan-based vacuums

Cool Machines MOAV 37 HP emits less noise than fan-based vacuums. With this commendable innovation on its design features, Cool Machines successfully lessen the radiated noise of MOAV for convenience and overall productivity. Meaning, you can get the job done without disturbing the neighborhood.