Starting a business in the thermal home insulation industry is not a walk in the park. Aside from legal works to establish your business, you have to spend a lot of money investing in growing your robust and rugged insulation machine’s fleet.

Choosing a suitable entry machine is key to jumpstarting your business, as well as trusting the right brand. Among brands in the market, Cool Machines is a brand to beat.

Trusted by professional contractors and operators, Cool Machines is one of the leading insulation machine manufacturers in today’s market. Established in 2004, it quickly became one of the key players in the industry through its powerful insulation machines with cutting-edge technology and innovative product design features.

Among its portable insulation blowing machines with outstanding performance and durability is the CM 700. Rugged and dependable, it is perfect for startup businesses, do-it-yourself markets and rental centers where portability and low-power requirements are necessary.

It is a popular choice among casual users and professionals-in-training in the home insulation industry. But, what exactly are the reasons why CM 700 is a considerable choice among others? Find out below.


Ultraportable insulation machine

With its innovative and straightforward design features, Cool Machines CM 700 offers ultimate portability.

It also provides a low-cost entry point, making it a considerable choice for just about any user, especially for startups.

Aside from having modular controls for ease of use, CM 700 is also equipped with heavy-duty and re-greaseable bearings and a detachable hopper with a quick release, adding to its efficient and effective performance.

It also comes with a standard and deluxe variety. The standard CM 700 has a 9-amp blower, while the deluxe one comes with a 13-amp blower, as well as a 150-feet wired remote. With its two 15-amp inputs, finding a power source on-site has never been this easy.


Excellent versatility

To better the CM 700 overall appeal and performance, Cool Machines made a significant change in its design components in 2004. The company decided to replace the steel hopper with a plastic one to make it lighter.

Aside from that, the company engineers also added a hopper extension with a loading tray available.

Fiber feeding was more straightforward than ever with these design modifications and embellishments. In addition, its holding capacity drastically increased.

Though CM 700 is less productive than CM 1500 and CM 2400, its ease of handling and use genuinely makes up for it. On top of that, it can also be factory customized to meet project needs, satisfy customer preferences and fulfill budget requirements.


Fewer maintenance requirements

CM 700 requires only a few simple maintenances and routine machine check tools.

To change its airlock seals:

  1. Remove the hopper by loosening the four quick-release bolts and lifting them off the base.
  2. Remove just one set of dual augers.
  3. Slide open the airlock gate to access the airlock seals, which can be easily maintained or replaced, even on a job site.


Cool Machines’ most economical insulation machine

The CM 700 model is Cool Machines’ most affordable insulation blowing machine, perfect for budget-conscious customers.

But despite its affordability, it can perform almost the same task as Cool Machines larger machines at a slightly slower pace.

Nonetheless, casual users, startups and professional contractors still consider CM 700 a considerable choice as it can outperform other insulation-blowing machines in its class.


Although Cool Machines CM 700 is initially engineered for the weekend warriors, it can still perform efficiently and effectively. As a result, it has become the most preferred insulation blowing machine for contractors, operators, startups and professionals in training who need a robust machine with a small footprint.

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