Cool Machines CM700-Recycle Insulation Machine


Cool Machines CM700-Recycle Insulation Machine

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Cool Machines CM700-Recycle Insulation Machine

The Cool Machines CM700 is an All-Fiber, (retro-fit) Dense-Pack, Wall Spray, SideWall, Portable Attic Blower Machine.
The Cool Machines CM-700 is made to be the ultimate portable insulation blower machine with a low power requirement. Compact in size along with an easy to remove hopper enables for smooth handling and transport. Low power requirements (single input – 15A) for the CM700 Insulation Machine is easily supplied using any home standard outlet.
*The Deluxe model is recommended for spray applications and contractors
Insulation Material Production Rate per hour
Cellulose          950 pounds
Fiberglass 400 pounds
Rockwool 600 pounds
Features & Benefits

  • Hopper Chute accomodates most generic size trash bins.
  • Ball Valve bypass allows for use as a Recycle or Standard machine.
•Weight: 180 lbs.
•Dimensions: 28″l x 22″w x 58″h
•Hopper Capacity: 7.25 ft.3
•Airlock Size: 8” dia. x 10” long
4.0 p.s.i. w/ 2.5” output tube.
•Drive Motor: 1/3 h.p
•Blower Options:
•8 amp. /104 c.f.m. (Standard)
•13 amp. /140 c.f.m. (Deluxe)
•Power Requirements (120 volt):
•15 amp. input (Standard)
•15 amp. double input (Deluxe)


Cool Machines

Cool Machines is a leading manufacturer in insulation machines technology. From portable, productive machines to truck-mounted, robust installs, Cool Machines has equipment for any contractor or the do-it-yourself homeowner.

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Weight 180 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 22 × 28 in