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Home insulation, without a doubt, is a necessity. However, choosing a suitable machine to insulate your attics, ceilings, walls, and floors can be very frustrating. This is especially true when you don’t know much about its concept and how to use it.

Everyone looks for a durable and robust machine that can meet production expectations. Not to mention a good price range. Cool Machines is one brand you can count on.

For low-cost insulation machines with superb durability and power, Cool Machines is the brand to beat. Their machines are so efficient that they are in demand by buyers and homeowners.

Their Cool Machines CM2400, for example, is one of the aces in home insulation.

Just what are the reasons why you should buy this insulation blowing machine? Find out the answers below.


High Production and Superior Performance

The Cool Machines CM2400, with its high-speed turbo-shredder, can max out insulation materials up to 3600 lbs. per hour. It is also an economical, high-production insulation machine that provides excellent and seamless performance with low power requirements.

With these advantages, you can significantly reduce the time for completing home insulation. This means you can finish the project days before the set deadline.

Low Maintenance

The Cool Machines CM2400 is undeniably robust and will surely outperform and outlast other insulation machines. Aside from that, it also has a simple design with minimal moving parts, making it low maintenance and easy-to-repair.

It also comes with LED lighted plugs and receptacles purposely designed for swift electrical diagnosis. If, in any case, you need a replacement for the gearbox/motor, its price is way lower in contrast to any insulation machine in its class.

Reasonable Price

With its superior features, one may think this insulation machine is costly. Well, the price of Cool Machines CM2400 will not cost you your fortune. On the contrary, you actually get more than the amount you paid for.

By buying this, you will save time, and you will also save a significant amount of money in the long run. On top of that, its superb performance ensures effective and efficient installation of insulation materials that will improve your home insulation’s excellent performance.

Its full specifications are as follows.

Cool Machines CM2400 Specifications

Weight 770 lbs. (2 Blower Box)
800 lbs. (4 Blower Box)
1100 lbs. (PD Blower)
Dimensions 42” L x 22” W x 48” H
Hopper Capacity Main Hopper: 11 cu./ft. (2 bags)
w/Hopper Extension: 22cu/ft. (4 bags)
Airlock 12” dia. x 12” long, 4.0 p.s.i. w/ 3” output tube
12” dia. x 16” long, 4.0 p.s.i. w/ 3” output tube
Drive Motor Options 1 1/2 h.p. or 2 h.p.
Blower Options 13 amp. / 140 c.f.m. (2 or 4 Blower Box)
5 h.p. / 250 c.f.m. (P.D. Blower)
Power Requirements Double input, 20/30 amps. 120 volt
Single input, 30 amp. 240 volt. (two 3-stage blowers)
Single input, 40 amp. 240 volt. (four 3-stage blowers or 5 h.p. P.D. blower)
Generator Size 7,500 watt (2-blower)
15,000 watt (4-blower or 5 h.p. P.D. blower)
Options Blowers
16” airlock upgrade
Hopper Extension
Wheel Package w/Brackets
Wireless Remote
Hose reels

You may order the Cool Machines CM2400 by visiting this link. For other Cool Machines products, you may also visit this page.

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