Cool Machines CM 2400 CM240016-4SI Attic Insulation Machine


Cool Machines CM 2400 CM240016-4SI Attic Insulation Machine

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Cool Machines CM240016-4SI CM 2400 Attic Insulation Blowing Machine 120V

Cool Machines CM240016-4SI Attic Insulation all-fiber blower machine works with Rockwool, Fiberglass and Cellulose insulation materials.

All Fiber – Attic Blow, Dense Pack (retrofit) Sidewall, Fireproofing & Wall SprayThe CM2400 series insulation machine is a high production, economical machine that has low requirements for power, reduced weight & size for your truck or trailer system. Its simple design & minimal moving parts produce a low maintenance insulation machine which is easy to repair.This compact, robust machine with its various options, will outperform and out-last any machine in its class.

Material Production Rate/hr

  • Cellulose 3600 pounds
  • Rockwool 1800 pounds
  • Fiberglass 1400 pounds


Cool Machines

Cool Machines is a leading manufacturer in insulation machines technology. From portable, productive machines to truck-mounted, robust installs, Cool Machines has equipment for any contractor or the do-it-yourself homeowner.

Additional information

Weight 720 lbs
Dimensions 62 × 23 × 48 in