Competition is very tight in today’s market no matter what industry your business belongs to. Whether machine production or home insulation services, there are many brands competing for your attention.

In our previous blog posts, we featured some of the most coveted insulation machines in the market. These are the torchbearers of the brands that produce them, and rightfully so, they are flagship machines of their respective brands.

With their favorable features, performance and innovative designs, these machines have become some of the top-selling insulation machines currently in demand by insulation contractors and operators.

But other than the ones we have already featured here, there is also one name that has been known for generations and is still a key player in the industry. Meyer, a manufacturer of system components for different types of insulation machines, is another brand worthy of your attention. They have everything you are looking for, whether it’s a system component for air process or bulk material handling systems, or for residential contractors or professional air duct-cleaning providers.

One of the machines they are known for is their Meyer 550. Lauded for its seamless and powerful performance, the Meyer 550 easily outshines other insulation machines in its class. It is also equipped with a heavy-duty agitator for consistent processing and conditioning of insulation materials.

Aside from built-in machine control, Meyer 550 also comes with an optional wireless remote for efficient installation of insulation materials in the attic, walls, floors and ceilings. And powered by gas, it is easily one of the top high performing machines today.

What’s more, the Meyer 550 is also engineered for complex and challenging home insulation job requirements. It is built to get the job done as fast and effective as possible. With a rugged drive train, Meyer 550 has surprisingly easy engine access for effortless maintenance routinary check.

The Meyer 550 insulation blowing machine has a superior double-clutch design that offers excellent machine reliability and versatility. By having a double-clutch design, operators can easily blow well-conditioned insulation materials to attics, sidewalls, floors and ceilings. Plus, you can do both fiberglass and cellulose glue or wet wall spray with just the flip of a switch. Instantly interchange from the air only to material and air blowing with Meyer 550!

What’s even more remarkable is that the Meyer 550 is engineered to handle any type of insulation material. All the operator controls are modular and easy to operate for optimal insulation material conditioning and coverage. If you’re a contractor looking for a machine that can do it all, consider the 550.

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