Meyer 550 Insulation Blowing Machine


Meyer 550 Insulation Blowing Machine

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The Meyer 550 Insulation Blowing Machine is capable of blowing all types of loose fill materials such as cellulose, fiberglass, and Rockwool. No other insulation blowing equipment on the market provides this level of performance, reliability and versatility in an affordable gas power insulation blowing machine

The Meyer 550 fiber blowing machine gives you a lot of control in a small package. With a double clutch design the user can blow attics, side walls or do both fiberglass and cellulose glue or wet wall spray with just the flip of a switch. Alternate from air only to material and air instantly! No other insulation blower is capable of blowing all types of loose fill insulation. Meyer backs the 550 with a comprehensive 2 year warranty!

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Weight 1049 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 41 × 59 in


WM Meyer & Sons

Meyer Insulation Removal Vacuums offer three highly portable, yet powerful gas powered vacuums. Whether the insulation is contaminated, wet or fire/smoked damaged, the Meyer removal vacuums have power to spare to handle even the most difficult insulation removal jobs. Our portable insulation removal vacuums compact wheel design allows for close placement to the removal area, resulting in shorter hoses and reserving the power of the Meyer insulation removal vacuums to efficiently move hard-to-handle material. Each removal vacuum outlet can be configured to discharge directly into a reusable/disposable collection bag, a Dumpster or roll-off. Backed by a two-year warranty, our heavy gauge all-steel construction allows for reliable performance for years of continuous use.