Professional contractors in the insulation industry spent years training to master the necessary skills for installing and removing home insulation. They have to be adept at navigating and operating a robust and rugged machine, such as insulation blowing machines and vacuums.

Over the years, companies producing insulation machines aimed to innovate their patented machines not just for increased power and production rates, but also for ease of use and cutting-edge sleek design innovations.

One of the companies dedicated to providing powerful and user-friendly machines is Accu1. Known as a trusted insulation machines producer, Accu1 has been in the market since 1980.

With its state-of-the-art and cutting-edge solutions, Accu1’s machines are known for their quality and performance, and the Accu 9800 insulation machine is the perfect example of that.

So what are the qualities that make the Accu1 9800 one of Accu1’s machines to beat? Read below to find out


Innovative design features

One of the striking features of Accu1 9800 is its understandable machine navigation features and portability. This is aimed towards the company’s mission to produce rugged, efficient and easy to operate insulation blowing machines and vacuums.

Portability is also one of the key qualities that make Accu1 9800 a coveted machine in the market. It is geared toward more straightforward machine navigation and more effortless transfer for fast and effective project implementation.

In addition, Accu1 9800 can be operated using a wired remote for efficient working pace. This remote cord can be easily extended using a standard extension cord for convenience and increased productivity, unlike other machines in its class. You can also use it manually, whatever suits your needs.

On top of that, it also has a reasonable price and you get more than you are paying for when we talk about its power and performance.

In addition, Accu1 9800 has a key strength dual agitation design. This cutting-edge design feature does an excellent job in conditioning any insulation materials.

So how does the dual agitation design work? It is simple. The secondary agitator pulls insulation material to the rear of the hopper, and then the primary agitator carries the material into the air chamber. This means the Accu1 9800 insulation machine seamlessly conditions the material for effective and efficient installation.

By the same token, Accu1 9800 also has a heavy-duty steel gauge auger that can cut through any insulation materials, whether it is fiberglass, cellulose, rock wool, or even wood fiber. Plus, the 9800’s 12-inch airlock and adjustable material feed make this machine durable and flexible designed to meet and exceed project expectations.

Accu1 9800’s safety caged top with a hinged opening makes insulation material installation a much safer process. Lastly, its welded steel construction with a nickel-plated coating provides stern resistance against damage and corrosion.


You are in control

Operating the Accu1 19800 is like driving your own car: you are in complete control.

Think of controlling your speed while driving your car. Accu1 19800 also has the same feature. However, it is not about stepping on the gas or brake pedal. Instead, you can control the Accu1 19800 blower speed by adjusting the blower console. Meaning, you can either decrease or increase the blower speed depending on what is needed for your home insulation project.

More than that, you also have full control over the amount of insulation material maxing out from the machine aside from controlling its blower speed.

How is this possible? Simple. Accu1 added a new function to Accu1 19800 insulation machine to let professional contractors control the material that goes out in your line of hose. The Accu1 19800 has a material gate meter enabling the person operating the machine to control the amount of material coming out from the air chamber. To adjust, you just need to crank the lever on the side of the machine clockwise to increase the material or counterclockwise to decrease the material.

If, in any case, the machine overheats while you are on the job site, Accu1 added a removable access panel that will give you quick access to the machine’s drive motor reset button. This feature is called thermal reset. Simply press the button and the machine will automatically reset.

Whether driving or installing insulation materials on our attic, walls and floors, one thing remains the same — we like to be in complete control of what we are doing.


Unmatched power and performance

The Accu1 9800 insulation machine is undeniably powerful and efficient because it is designed to meet complex and demanding project requirements. Its cutting-edge design features are totally novel. It is robust and rugged, and is strategically engineered for highly demanding projects.

Moreover, Accu1 9800 insulation machine can max out 3300 lbs. per hour of insulation materials. Its blower system is exceptionally powerful that professional contractors can cut days from projects that usually last for several days. Always beat the deadline with Accu1 9800 unmatched power and performance.


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