Aside from undeniable performance and durability, rugged machines are notoriously expensive. In fact, because of this, many people are adamant about starting a business in the home insulation industry, simply because of costly insulation machines.

Given that heavy-duty and powerful insulation machines are expensive, people fail to realize that there are many cost-effective alternatives out there that are perfect for startup businesses in the industry. These machines are not just affordable but also robust and durable.

Intec, an industry leader in manufacturing and designing innovative insulation blowing machines and vacuums, is one that is known for this.

One of their affordable machines with unrivaled performance in its class is the Intec 50013-00 Wireless FiberForce. Praised for its portability and second-to-none performance, the Intec 50013-00 is one of the most impressive in today’s market.

Equipped with a robust agitator system for seamless conditioning of any insulation materials for high productivity, this rugged insulation machine also has a removable hopper with a hinged tray for ease of setup and machine transport.

Additionally, Intec 50013-00 also has a machine base equipped with several handlebars and 10 inches wheels for superior mobility. And with its innovative design features, one can tell that this machine can be easily moved, transported and operated.

What’s more, Intec 50013-00 has a wireless remote for easy machine control and operation and it has a larger working platform for increased productivity.

The best part is, Intec 50013-00 can condition any insulation material.

As if those are enough, Intec 50013-00 has modular operator controls for ease of operation, resulting in the efficiency and effectiveness of blowing insulation materials to the attics, walls, floors and ceilings.

Ultimately, the Intec 50013-00 Wireless FiberForce with Tall Hopper is one of the perfect choices for startup businesses. With its compact, cutting-edge and strategic design, Intec 50013-00 easily is one of the best choices out there for operators and contractors.

If you are a startup entrepreneur in the home insulation industry looking for an affordable and rugged machine, consider the Intec 50013-00 Wireless FiberForce.

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