Intec 50013-00 Wireless Fiberforce with Tall Hopper


Intec 50013-00 Wireless Fiberforce with Tall Hopper

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Intec’s FiberForce is the ultimate in portability, this polyethylene constructed unit is comprised of two pieces. The removable hopper has a hinged loading tray to simplify product loading while minimizing aisle and transportation space requirements. The base has numerous handles and 10 in. wheels allowing ease of mobility. In addition, the wireless remote – attached to the hose allows for operation from the attic without the requirement of taking a cord with you. The tall hopper increases the capacity and has a larger working platform.

Includes industrial grade wireless remote with hose/wrist jacket, 50′ heavy duty 14/3 twist lock power cord, & 100′ 2-1/2″ hose with quick-connects & clamps.

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Weight 174 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 30 × 67 in



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