Keeping a brand promise is very important. It’s a responsibility amongst companies, especially to those who deliver goods and services. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of companies still fall short.

Even to this day and age, a lot of brands still fail to deliver what promised they will. They disappoint, and at times simply do not live up to what they tell you.

Cool Machines, a top manufacturer in insulation machines technology, isn’t one of them. It’s a brand that never fails to deliver what they promised, or what they are paid for. Simply put, when they speak of quality, rest assured that you will get that…and more.

Among the insulation machines they offer is the Cool Machines CM300. Considered as one of the best in today’s market, it’s a premium machine that is very sought-after by professional contractors and operators. But why is this something you should consider buying? Find out below.


Operates entirely with electricity

Cool Machines CM 300’s entire system relies entirely on electricity. This is a huge plus as this will let you save a significant amount of money from expensive fuel and generator maintenance. If you are looking for a cost-efficient and powerful insulation machine, Cool Machines CM300 is a considerable choice.


Economical insulation wall spray system

Cool Machines CM 300 is the industry’s first smallest and most economical insulation wall spray system. Yes, the first! But even with its compact size, this can still match the performance and production rate of bigger and more expensive insulation truck/trailer systems. Aside from this, the CM300 also boasts integrated recycling technology with a separate, precisely metered hopper contributing to its overall production efficiency.


Can incorporate with other insulation machines

Cool Machines CM300 has the ability to incorporate other insulation machines like the CM3000 or CM 3500 as the fundamental components of its trailer/truck spray system. This adds up to its overall flexibility and reliability, which Cool Machines can modify according to your liking and needs.


Equipped with Vac-Pack Technology

This insulation machine is also equipped with Cool Machine’s Vac-Pack Technology, encompassing its overall production rate and power. This technology provides economical, low maintenance, compact and fast spraying system designed to meet production needs with ease and finesse.

What’s more, Cool Machines CM300’s vacuum system uses positive pressure for uninterrupted and constant production. while its hopper, placed inside the truck, uses neutral pressure for clean discharge, free from dust or air surges.

This strategic, cutting-edge, and innovative air separator from Cool Machines buffed the system’s endurance by using air bypass, preventing recycled fibers from entering the blower system.


In totality, Cool Machines CM 300 is a versatile, powerful and efficient insulation machine strategically designed to exceed production expectations with its cutting-edge innovations and state-of-the-art technology.

Truly, when we talk about quality, we can surely rely on Cool Machines to deliver.

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