The thermal home insulation industry is a vital partner of the construction sector for providing premium and comfortable houses to everyone. However, ensuring the building’s best insulation performance takes more than the sophisticated execution of insulation installation. This also involves careful consideration of the suitable insulation machine for the job.

With the wide variety of insulation machines available in today’s market, choosing a suitable machine is frustrating at times, especially if you have not prepared ahead of time. To help you narrow your choices, look for trustworthy brands in the industry and start there. Then, search for a machine that is not just robust and reliable but also budget-friendly.

One of the trusted brands in the industry is Intec: a key player in the market providing cutting-edge and innovative insulation machines solutions.

Among its fleet of robust and rugged insulation machines, Intec Cyclone stands from the rest when we talk about portability and affordability.

Interested to know more about it? Why do professionals find it durable and reliable despite its size and a compact design? Find out below.


Excellent performance and portability

Cyclone is Intec’s most portable cellulose and fiberglass insulation blowing machine that simplifies insulation projects and completes the job on time.

With its compact size, machine transportation is way easier than ever. Simply load the machine to your car compartment and unload it using safe lifting techniques. Yes, it can fit into your vehicle.

What’s more, Intec Cyclone also has a dynamic performance — allowing you to install R-19 cellulose for approximately 45 minutes and an hour for R-19 fiberglass insulation material in a thousand square foot attic.


Incomparable accessibility

Intec Cyclone is equipped with a modular control panel and a 100″ wired remote for easy machine operation when installing insulation materials in the attic.

Aside from its smaller size, its six built-in durable wheels provide ease of transfer while on the job site, enabling you to move the machine quickly.

It also comes with a 50’ x 2.5” blowing hose, 2.5” steel hose connector and 2.5” stainless steel hose clamps. With these accessories, this particular insulation blowing machine offers everything you need to operate and finish the project seamlessly.


Ultimate versatility

Intec Cyclone also has a slide gate feature that allows you to adjust the material flow adequately. This will add user sidewall retrofit capabilities to the machine’s overall function.


Utmost reliability

Intec Cyclone has a powder-coated finish, which allows it to withstand prolonged and demanding use. This gives the machine the protection it needs against potential damage due to extended use.

It also has automatic chain tension, allowing higher uptime for efficient thermal home insulation installation.

On top of that, Intec Cyclone only requires minimal maintenance.


Intec’s most affordable unit

The Cyclone is Intec’s most economical insulation blowing machine. But, regardless of its affordability, it can still meet complex project requirements.

Ultimately, Intec Cyclone cellulose and fiberglass insulation blowing machine is a reliable, capable, durable and versatile unit perfect for budget-conscious customers.


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