Intec 74000 Vortec Cannon High Powered Vacuum


Intec 74000 Vortec Cannon High Powered Vacuum

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Intec VORTEC family of vacuums offer high productivity with robust engineering — combined to provide the highest value vacuum in today’s market. VORTEC CANNON utilizes Intec patented impeller with “cannon mount” technology to provide high production rates, excellent stability, & ease of movement. Fast & profitable recycling of spray applied insulation, removal of damaged insulation due to fire, water & smoke, and HVAC cleaning.



Industry leader in the design and manufacturer of innovative insulation blowing equipment. Now, those same individuals are profiting through the use of our high-powered VORTEC vacuums that are Engineered for High Productivity and Built-to-Last for High Value Generation. We take pride in making your job as easy and profitable as possible through our machines and accessories.

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Weight 1500 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 32 × 44 in