Extracting and removing insulation materials can be stressful if you are not going to choose the right insulation vacuum carefully. Just what are the criteria when looking for an insulation vacuum? Is it performance? Yes! But aside from this, other criteria are efficiency, effectiveness, safety (is it hazard-free?) and performance.

Luckily, Cool Machines CoolVac 37 fits all of these…and more!

For this week’s Insulation Machine Store blog post, we take a closer look at one of our best-selling machines, the Cool Machine CoolVac 37. What exactly does it offer? Find out below.


Superior Performance

Minimize your on-site job working hours with the superior performance of CoolVac 37.

This insulation vacuum has a powerful suction that is capable of increasing your current production by twice or more. We recommend using two 4 inches diameter hoses in the attic connecting to 4 inches by 4 inches to 6 inches (10.16cm x 10.16cm x 15.25cm) wye tube for its ultimate performance.

We also highly recommend using a diverter so that there will be two vacuum bags on the outlet. This will allow you to efficiently switch full vacuum bags to empty ones without turning off the insulation vacuum.

Also, this insulation vacuum has an impressive 27 horsepower Briggs/Stratton Vanguard engine. This gives astonishing power to a belt-driven fan with an integrated block cooling air filter. The blade-driven fan measures 24 inches in diameter by 4 inches thick and has a 1/4 wide AR500 steel blade.

Lastly, it has big fuel tanks that will let the machine run half-day without refueling. This, in return, increases work productivity.


CoolVac 37 emits less noise than other vacuums

One can instantly conclude that insulation machines are ear-splitting. But what if I tell you CoolVac37 will not disturb your neighbors?

We had tested how loud it could be and measured its decibel — the unit of sound — to other vacuums. The purpose of comparing and contrasting it with another machine, which is from different manufacturers, is to hear, see, and experience which one emits a lesser noise volume.

The first one we tested was a 27-horsepower insulation vacuum. As it turned out, the machine is as loud as a semi-truck when standing next to. It wasn’t surprising at all because this said vacuum has the kind of engines that emit a deafening noise. It was designed like that.

For the CoolVac 37, we tested this on-site to see its performance and the noise volume it emits. Not-so surprisingly, its noise was very minimal in contrast to the first machine we tested, and it emitted only 93.3 decibels. It was so powerful that there was no delay and drawbacks in performance. The results were terrific!

Undeniably, the CoolVac 37 outwits its competitors. It is proven to be efficient and true to what its promises. Now you can extract the old insulation materials in your attic, walls, floor, and ceiling without disturbing your neighbors. If you need to learn more about this, please click this link.

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