What are the qualities you are looking for in an insulation machine? Is it the combination of durability and performance? Or is it the overall production of the machine? No matter what qualifications you consider, buyers want to ensure that they make the most out of their money.

Above all, a brand that truly delivers to the expectations of everybody emerges from the competition and earns people’s trust. So when we talk about reputable insulation machine brands, Cool Machines is the one on top.

Cool Machines offers innovative and state-of-the-art insulation machines. One of its stars is the Cool Machines CM 3500XL.

Just what are the qualities that make Cool Machines CM 3500XL a reputable insulation machine? Find out the answers below.


Overall Unparalleled Performance

The Cool Machines CM 3500XL has an innovative and state-of-the-art dual hopper metering technology. This feature enables CM 3500XL to apply all fibers simultaneously with unmatched high speed, versatility and overall unparalleled performance.

In addition, the Cool Machines CM 3500XL comes with a correctly sized generator designed to outperform the costly truck-mounted gas systems. The CM 3500XL sets itself apart among its class with its rugged durability, high-speed turbo shredder, cutting-edge dual hopper metering system and advanced scalping auger design. With these qualities, this insulation machine is the top choice for wall spray and projects that require high production requirements.


Outstanding Production Rate

The Cool Machines CM 3500XL is purposefully engineered to outperform Cool Machines CM 2400 in terms of production capacity. Aside from its standard features, it has a larger hopper capacity and more extended range, perfect for efficient and effective production. With these, home insulation professionals can install insulation materials swiftly and seamlessly.

What’s more, this unit can also be customized by the Cool Machines itself, which can expand its airlock and blower to produce unsurpassed production and range. With this, the initial production rate of 5000 lbs/hr is just a starting point. Meaning, you can max out insulation materials more than that number. How amazing is that?

Overall, the Cool Machines CM 3500XL, with its readily available 240-volt job site power or a 15,000-watt generator, is designed for contractors who need high production requirements. You can never go wrong with this insulation machine!


Strategic Product Design

As mentioned, the Cool Machines CM 3500XL is designed to meet high production requirements with ease of use. Its optional hopper extension allows insulation professionals to easily feed large quantities of insulation materials to the machine resulting in less frequent loading cycles.

Unlike any other insulation machine in its class, the CM 3500XL has a sleek and straightforward design with overside drive components.

What’s even remarkable, the CM 3500XL has a compact design that can be transported in a truck or trailer to the job site and finish setting up in just minutes.


Low Maintenance

The Cool Machines CM 3500XL comes with Vac-Pack technology, allowing the machine to have low maintenance requirements. In addition, this technology also offers a positive pressure vacuum system for seamless and undisturbed production. Then, insulation materials discharge into the neutral pressure hopper inside the trailer truck, ensuring clean work without worrying about air surges and dust.


There is no denying that Cool Machines produces cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, and innovative insulation machines that aim to stand out from the rest of the competition. But, aside from that fact, Cool Machines also has excellent customer service or after-sales service. If you combine those with all of the qualities of the Cool Machines CM 3500XL, you can ensure that you trusted the right brand.