Cool Machines CM 1500 CM1500-1 Portable Attic Insulation Machine


Cool Machines CM 1500 CM1500-1 Portable Attic Insulation Machine

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Cool Machines CM1500-1 CM 1500 Portable Insulation Machine

Cool Machines CM1500 Portable Insulation Machine is an all insulation fiber blowing machine that works with Cellulose, Fiberglass and Rockwool, as well as damp recycle fiber for wall spray.

The CM1500 is a high pressure blower (4.5 p.s.i.) airlock assembly that far exceeds the requirements needed for retrofit and dense packing sidewalls.

The CM1500 is perfect for small insulation contracting professionals who need a portable machine with low power requirements, yet offers the higher production of large machines. The innovative ?scalping? augers are designed to break apart the compressed bales into smaller pieces that are shredded evenly for optimal coverage before they enter the airlock. This machine does not use long paddles that are known to wear and bend. The augers are located deep within the machine, out of arm?s reach, to provide a safe working environment.

For those looking for more power, the CM1500 can be outfitted with a double blower system as well as many other optional features.


Production Rates

pounds / hour
Cellulose 2200 (990 kilograms)
Fiberglass 900 (405kilograms)
Rockwool 1400 (630

A 1,000 square foot attic can be insulated to an R-30 value in one hour.

Additional information

Weight 330 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 24 × 57 in


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