Cool Machines CM-3500XLVH Vac-Hood CM350024-5HPvachoodXL All Fiber Blowing Machine


Cool Machines CM-3500XLVP Vac-Pack CM350024-5HPvacpackXL All Fiber Blowing Machine

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Cool Machines CM-3500XLVH Vac-Hood CM350024-5HPvachoodXL All Fiber Blowing Machine

24″ airlock 5 HP pd blr with “Vac hood” recycle up-grade

Vac-Hood Economical with low power requirements. (16 h.p Gas vacuum or larger recommended) Added Gas Vacuum offers a ?dual? purpose machine used for wall cavity recycle or can be deployed to a separate job location for attic insulation removal, while CM-3500XL completes other jobs.
Our CM-3500XL System with dual metering hoppers, offers streamlined efficiency, application versatility, and components that are both simple to use and easy to repair. This machine provides both the start-up contractor and the high production installers a solution that makes sense.
The complete system design with modest power requirements, offers you a CM-3500XL that can be transported in a truck or trailer to the job-site, and set-up to spray or blow in minutes.
This ingenuously designed truck system with self contained hose reels, heated water tanks, and generator, provide all the necessities for a portable, self-sustaining spray system. The reduced power requirements for this system allow you to use 240 volt, 50 amps job-site power from the grid to conserve generator costs.
Production Rate:
Material                               Production Rate
Cellulose                             4500 lbs/hr. (*5400 lbs/hr.)
Fiberglass                            1800 lbs/hr. (*2400 lbs/hr.)
Rockwool                            2200 lbs/hr. (*2700 lbs/hr.)
Wall Spray                           Cellulose 40 bags/hr.

Features & Benefits:

Innovative Vacuum Hood provides a multi-function machine system.
Separate recycle and dry feed-gate control for precise metering of fibers.
“Lift & Lock” Extra Large Hopper Partition for high production blowing.
Additional Machine Options:
• Partial Hopper Extension
• Wireless Remote System
• CE conformity f/export


•Weights: 2100 lbs.(4 Blr Box), 2250 lbs.(5hp),
2285 lbs.(7.5hp), 2350 lbs.(10hp), 2570 lbs.(15hp)

•Dimensions (LxWxH):
•107″ x 29″ x 75 1/2″ (Side of Truck/Trailer)
•94″ x 29″ x 75 1/2″ (Front of Truck/Trailer)
(75 1/2″ – 82″ Tall w/ Hopper Extension Option)

•Hopper Capacity:
•Dry: 28 ft.3

(49.5 ft.3 w/ Hopper Extension)

•Recycle: 9 ft.3

•Total: 37 ft.3 (58.5 ft.3 w/ Hopper Extension)

•Airlock Options:
•12” dia. x 20” long, 4” output tube.
•12” dia. x 24” long, 4” output tube.

•Drive Motor: 3 h.p.

•Blower Options:
•13 amp. /140 c.f.m. / 6 p.s.i. (4-Blower Box)
•5 h.p. – 180 c.f.m./ 6 p.s.i. (PD Blower)
•7.5 h.p. – 205 c.f.m./ 8 p.s.i. (PD Blower)
•10 h.p. – 250 c.f.m./ 6 p.s.i. (PD Blower)
•15 h.p. – 590 c.f.m./ 5 p.s.i. (PD Blower)

•Power Requirements:
•30-50 amp., 240 volt, single phase, single input
(4-blower or 5 h.p. PD Blower)
•30 amp., 240/480 volt, 3 phase, single input
(10 h.p. blower or 5 h.p. PD Blower)


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Weight 2000 lbs
Dimensions 75.5 × 29 × 107 in