Cool Machines CV-23 CV 23 Cool Vac 23 Attic Insulation Removal Vacuum


Cool Machines CV-23 CV 23 Cool Vac 23 Attic Insulation Removal Vacuum

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Cool Machines CV-23 CV 23 Cool Vac CV23 Attic Insulation Removal Vacuum

The Cool Vac CV23 features an exclusive wear strip or ‘liner’ inside the fan chamber which is replaceable.

The new & innovative retrofit attic insulation standards presented by experts in building science & weatherization professionals have proven the importance of new diagnostic techniques. Testing using blower doors along with thermal imaging proves that air sealing attics & eave areas utilizing closed cell spray foam as well as re-insulation provides the greatest energy savings in older homes.
An industry first is the replaceable low cost liner inside fan’s chamber which allows an inexpensive solution for extreme wear due to highly abrasive insulation fibers & foreign debris that pass through the chamber.The heavy duty, abrasion resistant fan blades are robotic-ally welded with solid welds the entire length of the blade which reduces the chance of catastrophic failure from operational stress. Dynamic computerized balancing provides a precision, smooth running blade with minimal wear to the engine bearings. Cool Machines Cool Vac 23 Features Abrasion Resistant Heavy Duty Fan Blades


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