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Do you ever wonder why your house has excellent weatherization? Have you ever questioned who the professionals are involved in ensuring that your home is appropriately built and has all the necessary components it needed for a comfortable living experience? Well, besides engineers, architects, and construction contractors, thermal home insulation professionals play a significant role in providing you with a house you really want to come home to.

Their primary role is to ensure the effective installation of insulation materials in your attic, floors, ceilings and walls. To achieve this, they carefully consider the insulation machines they use. They also choose the best and most trusted brands with rugged and durable insulation machines to meet complex project requirements.

Among brands in the market, Cool Machines is trusted by professional contractors in the thermal home insulation industry. This is because this brand produces state-of-the-art insulation blowing equipment and vacuums with cutting-edge and innovative technology that focuses on productivity, power, usability and portability. For this exact reason, Cool Machines arises from the competition, making it one of the most preferred in today’s market.

Out of the machines they market, Cool Machines CM 1500 is one of their best-sellers. But why? And what makes this machine in demand among all sorts of users?


Perfect entry equipment for startup businesses

If you are a startup business in the home insulation industry, the Cool Machines CM 1500 is the perfect entry blowing equipment for you! It has a dual 120-volt power that lets you plug it into just about any power outlet, resulting in ease of use and portability. In addition, it is also an inexpensive choice among the other insulation machines in its class, suitable for budget-conscious customers.

It is also a perfect backup machine to larger insulation blowing equipment, making it a considerable choice among other insulation machines.

With its straightforward design features, robust performance and modular components, Cool Machines CM 1500 easily emerges as the top choice for the up-and-coming professionals in the home insulation industry.


Exceptional performance

Unlike Cool Machines CM 700, Cool Machines CM 1500 is more productive and heavier due to its larger airlock capacity and double blower system. With that, it can condition and dispense just about all insulation materials, such as cellulose, fiberglass, rock wool or damped and recycled fiber.

It can also max out an impressive amount of insulation materials for 2200 pounds per hour. By the same token, it is also outfitted with innovative scalping augers designed to disintegrate the compressed bales into fine smaller pieces, shredded evenly for optimal coverage before entering the airlock system. For these reasons, one can say that Cool Machines CM 1500 is undeniably a robust and rugged insulation blowing machine.


Can be custom-built

Besides its desirable features and cutting-edge technology, CM 1500 can be custom-built according to buyers’ preferences to meet complicated project requirements. Likewise, customers can request to upgrade or change some machine functions, like adding a second blower to satisfy longer-range blowing and spraying applications.


Simple design features

The thing that makes the Cool Machines brand “cool” is its prioritization of producing durable and powerful insulation machines with simple and modular design features for optimal ease of use. As a result, professionals need not go through laborious machine navigation because of complex machine components.

Unlike other machines in its class, CM 1500 has clever but straightforward design features. Ultimately, CM 1500 enables the Cool Machine to get one step ahead of the competition due to its design innovations for better, effective and efficient home insulation solutions.

Needless to say, choosing a suitable machine for your business, especially if you are a beginner in the insulation industry, is tiring and, most of the time, frustrating. Well, look no further because Cool Machines is a brand you can trust!

If you’re a startup and want to try something suitable for newbies, you can start with Cool Machines CM 1500.


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