Intec 74122-68 VORTEC vacTUFF Hose Package Vacuum Hose


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Intec 74122-68 VORTEC vacTUFF Hose Package Vacuum Hose

VORTEC vacTUFF Hose Package 200′-6″dia w/ 6.4 vacTUBE
Includes above items, yet includes vacTUBE 6.2 (6″ diameter and 2′ long) instead of vacTUBE 6.4
Intec has distributed vacuum hose for over 10 years.  After introducing the VORTEC line of high-powered vacuums, we began to search for a hose to better meet our customers’ needs.  When not finding the ideal hose, we were able to have one made for us.  We now are in a position to offer you the best value vacuum hose in the market!
1. Extra durable – vacTUFF hose resists punctures  
Compare head-to-head with competitive vacuum hose and you will see the extra strength with vacTUFF…translating to longer-lasting investment.
2.   Wear Strip extends hose life from the outside in
Not only does the Intec blue wear strip look good, it extends your vacTUFF hose life from the outside in. The wear strip takes up the scruffing obtained from dragging the hose on various surfaces.  The strip protects the main body of the hose from wearing.
3.   Translucent to see product flow
By seeing your insulation flow thru the hose, you can be assured that all is going as planned.  And if a jam were to occur due to a foreign object lodging in the hose, you can quickly determine where the jam is to clear it and get back on your way of vacuuming.
4.  Smooth Interior ~ High Production
The smooth interior maximizes your production rates while minimizing turbulence.  The smooth interior also translates to less clogs since foreign materials do not have ledges to get stuck onto.

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Industry leader in the design and manufacturer of innovative insulation blowing equipment. Now, those same individuals are profiting through the use of our high-powered VORTEC vacuums that are Engineered for High Productivity and Built-to-Last for High Value Generation. We take pride in making your job as easy and profitable as possible through our machines and accessories.