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Whether you want to buy an insulation machine, a blower or a vacuum, the answer always boils down to the convenience of having one of these machines.

Just what are the reasons why it is preferable to buy an insulation machine instead of renting? Find out the answers in this week’s Insulation Machine Store blog post.


Disadvantages of renting an insulation machine

First on the list is the cost, and we are not just talking about the cost of the machine itself, but rather the cost of transporting it from a local building supplies store to your home. Here, you will spend money both on rental and fuel. If you are lucky enough, you can let them deliver the unit to your location. On most occasions, however, you still have to shoulder the delivery fee.

Second, you cannot always ensure if the machine is really in good condition until you are able to use it. Many people have used it before and we know that others are reckless in terms of proper handling and usage of the equipment.

What if, let’s say, you already rented it and later on decided to return it? Imagine the lost time. Worse, you may not be getting any refund.

Another point you need to consider is the undersized hose of a rental unit. Rental units are often designed to blow insulation materials into attics, as well as walls. Its hose is generally small in diameter, which is prone to clogging and stopping production. In addition, removing the clogging materials in the hose is quite frustrating and time-consuming. As a result, this will slow production.

Moreover, rental units can top out 500 pounds per hour. Homeowners won’t notice the time spent on blowing insulation materials. However, the contractors will definitely feel the unit’s slow performance.

Lastly, rental units often produced undesirable results. As mentioned, these insulation machines are at times costly, have maintenance issues, and often they do not produce excellent output.


Stop renting and own your own insulation machine

Renting an insulation machine can be a great idea at first. You think you will save money when you choose this. However, by choosing this, chances are you will allot extra money for the unexpected costs it incurs. In reality, owning an insulation machine is way more practical.


Here are the top reasons why you should own an insulation machine


Owning an insulation machine means no transporting of the unit from the rental shop or supplies store. It is yours. As a result, you save time which you can later on spend to finish insulating your attic or walls.

Suitable machine for the job

Since you own the machine, you don’t need to worry about an undersized hose when you have just the right diameter needed to maximize production.


Owning it ensures top performance. Since no one overly and recklessly uses it, the machine issues are the least of your concerns. You can take good care of it. As a result, attic insulation will be efficient and effective, ensuring insulation’s excellent performance.


If the cost of the machine is your concern, think of the time you can save by buying one. The convenience you’ll get and satisfying results you are looking for will indeed pay off the amount you’ll pay for the insulation. Actually, you will get more than the amount you paid for.

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