Intec WASP Insulation Blowing Machine With Accessories


Intec WASP Insulation Blowing Machine

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Intec Wasp Insulation Blowing Machine (with accessories)

The Intec Wasp insulation blowing machine is the machine that can do anything you ask of it, be it open attic, drill & fill, wall spray or spray-on. The Wasp literally does it all. With a cellulose production rate of 1750 pounds per hour (75 bags per hour) and a fiberglass rate of 475 pounds per hour (18 bags per hour), it can easily insulate a 1000 square foot attic in less than an hour. The Wasp can also handle other materials as well, such as Stonewool, Vermiculite and Perlite. Dense Pack of both cellulose and fiberglass is made possible thru its Department Of Energy approved outlet pressure of 3.5 psi, slide gate and variable speed control. The Intec Wasp also features built in handles and 10 inch wheels making the machine easy to move around on the job site allowing to make it to the hard to reach places and only weighs 280 lbs.


Intec Wasp Accessories Included:

– Wheels & handles to ease portability
– Emergency stop button
– 100′ remote control cord
– Material slide gate
– Polyurethane airlock seals
– (2) 50′ x 3″ blowing hose
– (1) 3″ Steel hose connector
– (3) 3″ Stainless steel hose clamps
– (2) 100′ 10/3 Twist lock cords
– Blower variable speed control
– Stainless steel airlock inserts



Industry leader in the design and manufacturer of innovative insulation blowing equipment. Now, those same individuals are profiting through the use of our high-powered VORTEC vacuums that are Engineered for High Productivity and Built-to-Last for High Value Generation. We take pride in making your job as easy and profitable as possible through our machines and accessories.

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Weight 280 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 37 in