Intec Force 2 Wireless Upgrade Kit


Intec Force 2 Wireless Upgrade Kit

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Intec Force 2 Wireless Kit Brochure Force 2 Wireless Upgrade Kit Brochure

Intec Force 2 Wireless Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your Intec Force 2 insulation machine with the all new wireless upgrade kit. Going wireless allows you to operate your Force 2 machine up to 250 feet away. That means less cords to haul around and no remote cord snags in the attic. The kit is easy to install and comes complete with all required parts, instructions, and templates.The receiver mounts inside the electrical control panel protecting it from the harsh environment. The transmitter can be attached onto a 2-1/2″ or 3″ hose inside a protective cover, or used with a belt clip or lanyard. If at any time you choose to switch to your old wired remote, just flip the remote selector switch, it’s that simple.

Force 2 Wireless Upgrade Kit Includes:

– Antenna
– Antenna mount
– Belt clip
– Hose mount
– Installation instructions
– Layout/drill template
– Lanyard
– Mounting hardware
– Plastic tie wraps
– Receiver
– Transmitter



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