Intec Force 2 4.0 Force II 4.0 Insulation Blowing Machine (blower upgrade) Fiberglass Package Wireless w/accesseories


Intec Force 2 3.0 Force II 3.0 Insulation Blowing Machine (blower upgrade) Fiberglass Package Wireless

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Intec Force 2 Brochure Intec Force 2 Brochure
Intec Systems Comparison Chart 
Intec Systems Comparison Charts

Intec Force 2 4.0 Force II 4.0 Insulation Blowing Machine (blower upgrade) Fiberglass Package Wireless w/accessories

The Intec Force 2 4.0 is a professional cellulose and fiberglass insulation blowing machine with a cellulose production rate at over 2000 lbs. an hour and a fiberglass production rate of over 428 lbs. an hour. The fiberglass package includes a bale breaker in the hopper and the new wireless option makes for faster set-up on the job, less cords to haul around and greater operator freedom. It takes the Force 2 less than one hour to install R-30 in a 1000 square foot attic. It’s Department of Energy approved oulet pressure of 3.3 p.s.i., slide gate, and variable speed control, allow dense pack of both cellulose and fiberglass possible. The Force 2 has a direct drive transmision, meaning no chains or belts to wear out, adjust, or replace, making this machine extremely reliable. Also the 2 stage, 13.8 amp, 115 cfm at 4.0 psi blower is completely isolated from the insulation material, minimizing down time and maintenance.

Intec Force 2 4.0 Accessories Included:

– (2) 50′ x 3″ Blowing Hose
– (1) 3″ Steel hose connector
– (3) 3″ Stainless steel hose clamps
– (2) 100′ 10/3 Twist lock cords
– (1) 100′ Remote cord with quick disconnect
– Blower variable speed control
– Stainless steel airlock inserts
– Wireless Remote
– Hose/Remote holder
– Belt clip
– Lanyard



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Weight 330 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 45 in